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2245Wild Gardens Hayward Lot
  • 1879-09-23
  • Documents, Other Documents, Lot Description
  • J.D.R. Jr. 135-151
  • Jr # 3
  • WG 2
  • 529MSL
  • JDR Jr.
Hand written descriptions of lots in Mt. Desert
3044Coast chart No.105 from Penobscot bay to Kennebec Entrance
  • 1873
  • Map, Chart
  • Places
  • United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
  • 1
  • 110x88
  • Fair condition, some staining, minor tears on edges, shows bottom type and location of Lighthouses,, has a long list of Authorities, also shows tides, it uses an alchemic symbol meaning gold or the sun to represent the lighthouses, has been rolled (not well), cost 50 cents, from a trigonometrical survey by A. D. Bache and Benjamin Peirce Sup. of survey of the US coast guard, has beautiful drawings of different approaches on the bottom, very brittle
  • Jesup Map Archive
  • R
Sounding Map First publication 1873, corrected July 30 1897
1014Picturesque America, or The Land We Live In, Vol. 1, 1872
  • 1872
  • Publication, Periodical, Magazine
  • Places, Island
  • D. Appleton & Co.
Publication featuring pen and pencil drawings by eminent American artists of landscapes and scenery from different parts of the United States. This issue highlights the coast of Maine and Mount Desert Island with drawings by Harry Fenn accompanied by textual descriptions of the landmarks depicted. People Mentioned: Oliver B. Bunce, Abraham Somes
3047Coast Chart No. 108 From Wells to Cape Ann
  • Issued Aug 1877
  • Map, Chart
  • U.S Coast and Geodetic Survey, Nav corrected for info received Aug 12 1893,Triangulations Executed at intervals between 1846-1859, Topagrapghy executed at intervals between 1851-1867, Hydrography executed at intervals between 1851-1859,
  • 1
  • 100X87
  • In two pieces, needed extensive repairs, heat, water and insect damage, tattered around the edges, poor overall condition, may have a partial initial on the lower left corner, Map # Code: 79530, Alchemic symbol for gold is used to represent Lighthouses, symbol used to indicate Lifesaving Stations is different from previous charts, hand drawn triangulations.
  • Jesup Map Archive