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1042Otter Cliffs Radio Station Reunion Photograph, August 19, 1961
  • 1961-08-19
  • Image, Photograph, Photographic Print
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Attendees pose outside during the reunion for all Otter Cliffs Radio Station men held at Hancock House in Ellsworth, ME on August 19, 1961. The men are individually identified on the back of the photograph. Men in photograph are numbered. People Mentioned: Raymond L. MacRae, Earl Brockway, Fred Grindle, Richard Hastings, William Kumpel, J. Ross Ragan, Orrin E. Dunlap Jr., Mel Whitney, Carl Herr, Fred W. Meinholtz, Harold Castner, Earl Davis, Wilmot I. Brookings, Raymond Cole, Edward Trumpfeller, Carl G. Nowack Color [show more]