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8386Abstract of Title: Lot of Edsel B Ford in Seal Harbor, back of Catholic Church
  • 1925
  • Documents, Other Documents, Lot Description
  • Businesses, Real Estate Business
Typed and bound abstract of Seal Harbor Lot, from Seal Harbor Realty Company to Edsel B Ford. 45 pages.
1049Champlain Monument Postcard
  • Image, Photograph, Picture Postcard
  • Object, Plaque
  • Object, Site Marker, Monument
  • Other, History
  • Vessels, Boat
  • Vessels, Boat, Sailboat
In 1904, to mark the 300th anniversary of ChamplainÔs discovery of MDI, the Seal Harbor Village Improvement Society placed a monument honoring Champlain on Sea Cliff Drive. It was relocated in the 1970s to an obscure Seal Harbor ledge abutting Acadia National Park, where it now overlooks Route 3. Postcard featuring a drawing of the Champlain Monument in Seal Harbor, ME. Black and White