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8416Frozen Eagle Lake
  • 1920
  • Image, Photograph, Picture Postcard
  • Recreation
  • PC 19206
  • Jesup Memorial Library Postcard Collection
Postcard showing people ice skating, iceboats, and automobiles on Eagle Lake in Bar Harbor. The photo was taken from the northern shore, looking south to Pemetic Mountain and the Bubbles. The date is estimated.
8127Teeing Off Down Memory Lane
  • Publication, Literary, Article
  • Recreation, Sports, Golf
  • 2 pages
  • Maine Vertical File
  • Charles Pike
  • Earl Marshall
  • Edsel B. Ford
  • Ernest Kanzler
  • John T. Dorrance
  • Kebo Valley Club
  • President William Howard Taft
  • Roscoe Jackson
  • Sir Harry Oakes
  • Warren Bates
  • William Fenton
1013Bar Harbor Life, August 26, 1905
  • 1905-08-26
  • Publication, Newspaper
  • Businesses, Other Business, Tourism
  • Nature, Animals
  • People
  • Recreation
  • Recreation, Sports, Golf
  • Structures, Commercial, Lodging, Hotel
  • Structures, Dwellings, House, Cottage
  • The Bar Harbor Record
Society edition of The Bar Harbor Record from August 26, 1905 with articles on a recent horse exhibition, parties and other social events, news from Northeast Harbor, and a fictional travel diary from China. Several advertisements are included as well. People Mentioned: Edgar C. Abbott, Lyman Abbott, C. S. Abercrombee, Mrs. C. S. Abercrombee, Elizabeth J. Acton, Mrs. Thatcher M. Adams, Thatcher M. Adams, Thomas Adams, Arthur D. Addison, Francis J. Allanson, Frederick Allen, J. Milton Allen, O'G. Allmand, John de Koven Alsop, Larz Anderson, Mrs. Larz Anderson, Mrs. Nicholas L. Anderson, Mrs. W. F. Angus, W. F. Angus, George Appleby, Mrs. George Appleby, Ann Archbold, Norman Armour, E. E. Auchincloss, Mrs. M. C. Audenreid, Mrs. A. M. Baker, O. M. Baker, M. M. Balethe, Lalph Ballard, Hugo Baring, Mrs. S. D. Barron, S. D. Barron, Llewellyn Barry, Waldron Bates, M. A. Bayley, N. E. Baylies, Mrs. H. S. B. Beale, Truxton Beale, E. E. Beebe, Mrs. J. A. Beebe, J. W. Bell, Mrs. Oliver H. P. Belmont, W. C. Benedict, H. B. Berry, K. V. R. Berry, Edward Bettens, Mrs. L. E. Bettens, Thomas J. Bettens, Anna Wheelen Betts, Fred Betts, Mrs. W. W. Betts, Mrs. R. P. Birchoff, R. P. Birchoff, Mrs. W. B. Blackwell, W. B. Blackwell, Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Blair, W. P. Blake, Mrs. William H. Bliss, William H. Bliss, Mrs. M. M. Bollou, Mrs. J. S. Bosworth, Mrs. T. J. Bowlker, T. J. Bowlker, G. Boyajian, N. Boyajian, A. Brady, Joseph Bridgham, Mrs. Samuel W. Bridgham, Deborah Brock, Harold Brown, S. A. M. Brown, S. E. Brown, Mrs. S. S. Bryan, S. S. Bryan, Brinton Buckwalter, Henry Budd, Mrs. Henry Budd, Logan Bullitt, D. Wellington Bunker, G. W. Burman, Nancy Bush, Thomas J. Bush, Alfred Butes, Dorothy Butes, Mrs. Alfred Butes, William Allen Butler III, J. Albert Butler, Mary M. Butler, Mrs. Harry L. Butler, Nicholas Murray Butler, W. Butler, Mrs. Cass Canfield, James Carey, Mrs. W. A. Carpenter, W. A. Carpenter, John W. Carroll Jr., H. F. Chace, John Chadwick, Louis C. Child, Anna M. Clarke, H. A. Clay, Harold H. Cleaves, L. Sherman Cleaves, Mrs. A. M. Coats, William F. Cochran, Gifford A. Cockran, Mary Roberts Coles, Mrs. Edward Coles, J. B. Colgan, Mrs. J. B. Colgan, Fred R. Comee, W. H. Conyngham, A. D. Cook, Mrs. A. D. Cook, Mrs. Charles W. Cooper, D. Page Cottan, Paul D. Cravath, Annie Crosby, Flora B. Croseley, A. E. Cummins, William D. Curtis, Mrs. Edwin C. Cushman, Mrs. Walter Dabney, S. R. Dabney, Mrs. Charles Daniels, Charles Davis Jr., Charles Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Harold H. Davis, James H. Davis, N. F. Davis, Pauline Davis, R. Davis, Suzette Davis, W. Davis, Nathlie De Castro, Frederick de Peyster, Katherine Deering, Mrs. A. E. Deering, I. M. Devlin, Mrs. I. M. Devlin, Charles D. Dickey, Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, G. G. Dinsmore, J. Donnelly, Mrs. William P. Douglas, Sybil Douglas, William P. Douglas, Mrs. Henry E. Drayton, Mrs. T. C. Dugan, H. Dumont, Mrs. H. Dumont, A. Butler Duncan, E. Dutilth, Mrs. A. R. Edey, Mrs. J. Pierrepont Edwards, Richard M. Elliot, Mrs. Rudolph Ellis, Rudolph Ellis, Grace Elliston, L. A. Emery, Mrs. L. A. Emery, H. C. Emmet Jr., Henry C. Emmet, Jeannie Emmet, Laura Emmet, Marie Louise Emmet, Mrs. Henry C. Emmet, Watson C. Emmet, Gladys Endicott, Mrs. Robert Endicott, Robert Endicott, Mrs. Henry Lane Eno, Lydia Eustis, Robert D. Evans, W. P. Evans, Mrs. Ernesto G. Fabbri, Eliot Farley, Mrs. Charles Farrelly, S. E. Findlay, Edward Fisher, Augustus Franzen, John Frazer, Mrs. Persifor Frazier, Helen Frith, L. Edward Frith, Louise Frith, C. Frost, Mrs. P. R. Frothingham, P. R. Frothingham, E. B. Fuller, Mrs. E. B. Fuller, J. Austin Furfey, William Garrett, Elizabeth Gilman, Mrs. Henry Glover, George Gould, Mrs. George Gould, C. P. Grayson, E. G. Grob, Ed Grossman, B. S. Guiness, J. Gunderson, A. D. Haddad, L. Haddad, John A. Hadden Jr., Mrs. Ben Ali Haggin, P. P. G. Hall, R. B. Hall, Mrs. Harry Hamlin, Carl Haner Jr., John H. Hanna, Mrs. John H. Hanna, Charles Hargrove, C. C. Harrison, Dorothy Harrison, Mrs. Charles C. Harrison, Mrs. John Harrison, Mrs. T. S. Harrison, T. S. Harrison, E. M. Hastings, James Hawes, Mrs. G. P. Hawes, J. Hayden Jr., Mrs. John B. Henderson, Elsie Henry, Robert Higgins, J. B. Hillard, Mrs. J. B. Hillard, C. Lee Hillyard, C. Hittell, Mrs. J. Holland, Mrs. John Holman, John Hone, John B. Hood, M. G. Hooper, Louis Hosmer, F. T. Howard, Mrs. F. T. Howard, George Howe, Isabella Howland, Mrs. Thomas H. Hubbard, Thomas H. Hubbard, S. Huguenin, J. J. Hull, R. W. E. Hunt, W. R. Huntington, William DeWitt Hyde, Henderson Inches, Louise B. Inches, A. W. Ingersoll, C. E. Ingersoll, Harry Ingersoll, J. H. W. Ingersoll, Mrs. C. E. Ingersoll, Sturgis Ingersoll, Susie Ingersoll, J. Irjens, Mrs. C. Olive Iselin, Mrs. Thomas Jackson, Lucy Jacobs, Mrs. A. E. Janapolski, F. A. Jellison, Morris K. Jesup, Francis Howe Johnson, Mrs. Francis Howe Johnson, S. Johnson, E. R. Johnstone, Hinton Jones, Roy H. Jones, J. I. Kane, George Karst, M. T. Kavanagh, Mrs. M. T. Kavanagh, Mrs. O. L. Keene, O. L. Keene, C. Keller, Dorothy Kelley, Anderson Kelly, Mrs. Anderson Kelly, Mrs. John S. Kennedy, Mrs. S. H. Kerbaugh, S. H. Kerbaugh, Mrs. S. Kerr, J. L. Ketterlinus, Charles A. Keucher, W. T. Kimball, David James King, G. G. King, Mrs. H. M. Kinsley, Wilfried C. Klamroth, Mrs. W. P. Knapp, W. P. Knapp, Harry C. Ladd, May Ladd, Susan Ladd, Lucius S. Landreth, E. M. Larkin, F. F. Larkin, Francis Lathrop, Marion Lawrence, Mrs. A. R. Lawrence, Mrs. William Lawrence, Elizabeth J. Lea, Francis J. Lea, Mrs. George H. Lea, P. Lee, Mrs. James Leeds, Mrs. Warner M. Leeds, Samuel W. Levis, Alfred Holmes Lewis, Mary I. Lewis, Mrs. Francis A. Lewis, Mrs. Philip Livingston, Philip Livingston, Sue Logan, F. L. Lombard, S. S. Lombard, W. B. Lord, Mrs. Arthur Lund, Frances Lurman, Gustav Lurman, Katherine Lurman, Mrs. Gustav Lurman, Fred C. Lynam, Mrs. I. C. Lyon, W. H. Macey, Mrs. George H. Mackay, Pauline Mackay, A. W. Martin, Mrs. E. Wallace Matthews, Frederic May, E. H. McCullough, Mrs. E. H. McCullough, J. Frank McFadden, T. A. McIntire, Emory McMichael, Mrs. Walter McMichael, Mrs. P. H. McMilan, Edward B. Mears, Mrs. Edward B. Mears, Otto Merkel, George S. Merriam, Douglass Merritt, A. Meserole, Mrs. J. V. Meserole, Stephanie Metz, J. Michael, Mrs. J. Michael, Mrs. Foster Miliken, E. Tripp Miller, George N. Miller, Helen L. R. Miller, Katherine C. Miller, Mrs. George N. Miller, Mrs. J. W. Miller, Harriet Mills, Weymer Joy Mills, C. Mitchell, Mrs. G. H. Morgan, Edward Morrell, Mrs. Dave Hennen Morris, Mrs. Gouverneur Morris, C. W. Morse, Glenn Tilley Morse, G. L. Murphy, D. J. Neeman, Florence Neilson, Mrs. Robert Neilson, M. J. Nenson, Dorothy B. Netting, George H. Netting, L. G. Niles, Dorothea Norris, Charles Norris, C. T. Nortemann, Eleanor R. Norton, Gertrude Norton, Gustavus Ober Jr., Frances Ogden, H. J. Orr, Mrs. E. A. Osgood, Amy Otis, Mrs. Frank Otis, Howard Page, Mrs. Howard Page, Alfred Palmer, Mrs. Alfred Palmer, George S. Patterson, Mrs. George S. Patterson, Effie Pearson, Mrs. George L. Pease, George Wharton Pepper, George Perkins, Mrs. C. L. Perkins, Robert F. Phifer, Mrs. Amos R. E. Pinchot, Mrs. A. E. Platt, Mrs. R. W. Pomeroy, R. W. Pomeroy, H. Kirke Porter, Mrs. H. Kirke Porter, Laura J. Post, Jack Potter, Mrs. James Potter, R. S. Potter, Cornelia Prime, J. D. Prince Jr., J. D. Prince, Mrs. J. D. Prince, Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn, Joseph Pulitzer, G. Purviance Jr., Mrs. M. Taylor Pyne, Percy Rivington Pyne, Madeline Rafter, J. L. Rand, Margaret Rand, Mrs. Arthur Randolph, Mrs. Samuel C. Reed, Samuel C. Reed, T. Chesley Richardson Jr., Mrs. T. C. Richardson, T. C. Richardson, John J. Ridgway, Mrs. John J. Ridgway, C. E. Riggs, Mrs. C. E. Riggs, Edw. H. Ripley, Mrs. E. H. Ripley, Caryl Robert, C. Roberts, Graham Roberts, Mrs. C. H. Roberts, J. A. Robin, Mrs. Moncure Robinson, T. G. Rosengarten, H. S. Ross, Maurice C. Rumsey, Mrs. A. F. Schauffler, Mrs. William Jay Schieffelin, William Jay Schieffelin, J. J. Scott, Elizabeth Seaton, Baroness de Saint Seigne, F. R. Senneckson, Mrs. William F. Sheehan, William F. Sheehan, Mrs. Gardiner Sherman, John B. Shober, Mrs. John B. Shober, William Siminson, E. H. Simons, E. E. Skinner, Mrs. E. E. Skinner, Fisher Sloane, F. O. Small, C. J. Smidth, R. Smiley, Armide Smith, Everett P. Smith, Horace Smith, J. Emlen Smith, M. L. Smith, Mary D. Smith, Mrs. Horace Smith, Mrs. J. Emlen Smith, Mrs. M. C. S. Smith, Rhoda Emlen Smith, Llewellyn Randolph Snowden, Amos Sperce, H. B. Sprague, A. Stafford, George Stafford, L. E. Sterns, Annie B. Sterrett, Emma J. Sterrett, L. S. Stevens, William Rhinelander Stewart Jr., William Rhinelander Stewart, Horace Stokes, W. F. Storm, A. Frost Strout, Frank Sturgis, Mrs. Frank Sturgis, J. F. Sweet, C. F. A. Tabbott, Eleanor Tabbott, Mrs. J. Talfree, Louise Taylor, Mrs. J. Madison Taylor, A. M. Tenney, Addison Thayer, Mrs. Addison Thayer, C. C. Thomas, J. C. Thompson, Mrs. Augustus Thorndike, J. S. Thorpe, C. L. Tibbetts, Mrs. C. L. Tibbetts, George Tohor, Aileen Tone, Anita Tone, Esther Tone, Katherine Tone, Mrs. S. J. Torrance, M. E. Torrey, Eugene Townsend, F. E. Townsend, May Townsend, Mrs. F. E. Townsend, Mrs. C. J. Train, Mrs. Charles R. Train, C. Trask, C. C. Trowbridge, L. S. Tuckerman, Mrs. L. S. Tuckerman, George E. Turnure, Mrs. George E. Turnure, Frederick Van Tine, Harold Vanderbilt, Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Emeline G. Vernam, W. H. N. Voss, E. E. Waples, Booker T. Washington, Arthur Weeks, Mrs. Francis L. Wellman, Mrs. Arthur Welman, Allen West, Theo. S. West, Joseph A. Whitaker, A. White, Mrs. William R. White, William R. White, Charles A. Whiting, Helen Hay Whitney, Mary Whitney, Payne Whitney, William C. Whitney, J. F. Whittaker, Eliza C. Whyte, Louisa Hollingsworth Whyte, Mrs. Lucius K. Wilmerding, G. Wilson, M. A. Wilson, Margaret Wingate, Mrs. Buchanan Winthrop, Julia Wise, Adolph G. Wolf, D. T. Worden, Mrs. D. T. Worden, Julian Wright, Fanny Young, G. Young [show more]
1036Elmer McGarr Photograph
  • Image, Photograph, Photographic Print
  • Businesses, Other Business, Tourism
  • Camps
  • Recreation
Elmer "Mac" McGarr, age 72, owner and operator of Mt. View Cabins at Otter Creek, stands outside the office. People Mentioned: Elmer McGarr Color