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2030Davis Lot Witch Hole Pond
  • 1904
  • Document, Archive, Folder
  • J.D.R. Jr. 01-92
  • Documents
  • Jr #1
  • 26
  • 529MSL
  • Manila Envelope
  • Louise Dana Davis, George B. Dorr, Frank L. Brewer, Daniel W. Brewer, "Pest House Lot"
  • JDR Jr.
1007Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Eden, 1905
  • 1905
  • Document, Report, Annual Report
  • Places, Town
  • W. H. Sherman
Eden was incorporated as a town in 1796, and the town's name was officially changed to Bar Harbor in 1918. Report by the selectmen of Eden, ME on the financial accounts of the town, including lists of expenditures and receipts for the fiscal year ending February 1, 1905. There are also statements from the treasurer, board of health, road commissioner, overseer of the poor, town clerk, and superintendent of schools. The report concludes with an annual town meeting warrant and summary of the previous meeting. People Mentioned: Lewis Abbott, Helen Adair, C. F. Allen, Flora Allen, Ephriam Alley, Everard Alley, F. O. Alley, J. W. Alley, Norman Alley, Anton Anderson, Douglass Anderson, Edmund Anderson, F. L. Andrews, Frank Andrews, J. Franklin Anthony, R. L. Arey, Nathan Ash, Fred Ashford, John Atcherson, Ruth Atherton, George W. Austin, H. D. Averill, E. E. Babb, Conrad Bagrielson, S. D. Bailey, Henry K. Barnes, Cyprian Barrett, E. Barton, L. Barton, E. C. Bass, Finley Beaton, Andrew Benson, E. Bernardini, George P. Billings, A. B. Black, Harold L. Bond, F. A. Bowden, F. O. Bowden, Paul Bowden, George S. Bowdoin, R. P. Bowler, H. J. Bragdon, F. C. Bragg, E. Brailey, E. Braley, James L. Bray, Archie Brewer, Daniel Brewer, F. J. Brewer, F. L. Brewer, Harold Brewer, Icaphene Brewer, Melinda Brewer, H. N. Brooks, Daniel K. Brown, Elmira Brown, Henry A. Brown, D. A. Bunker, D. Wellington Bunker, G. L. Bunker, Ralph Bunker, W. H. Bunker, Charles Burleigh, Alex Burns, Michael Burns, John Burr Jr., Thomas Burr, Alex Campbell, L. A. Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Willie Campbell, J. J. Canning, E. S. Carpenter, Nellie Rebecca Carroll, Mrs. Daniel Carter, N. Carter, Mrs. Henry Chambers, Pearle E. Cheney, E. E. Chick, H. M. Clark, J. E. Clark, Lenora Clark, W. S. Clark, A. W. Cleaves, Arno Cleaves, George Cleaves, L. Sherman Cleaves, S. J. Clement, John Codie, Ethelyn Cole, C. M. Conant, Neldo Conary, Charles E. Conners, F. H. Conners, H. A. Conners, H. M. Conners, John W. Conners, George Corbett, E. E. Cousins, Herbert Cousins, Hoyt Cousins, Fred H. Cowan, H. J. Crabtree, Mrs. Uriel H. Crocker, Charlotte Cross, J. L. Crossman, Charles Cunningham, W. E. Cunningham, E. E. Curtis, Daniel Daigle, Joseph Dalissio, E. T. Dalton, A. H. Davenport, Abigail Davis, Grace Davis, Leroy Davis, W. H. Davis, Burton Day, T. J. De Laittre, Thomas De Laittre, William De Laittre, Luere B. Deasy, William Dennery, John Dennis, Pauline Devereaux, F. E. Dillingham, Charles Dodge, T. Donovan, Ida Dorcus, E. E. Dorr, Michael Doyle, Joseph Duffy, Granville Dunham, Frank Dunton, J. P. Dunton, W. H. Dunton, Walter Dunton, H. A. Dyer, Leander B. Dyer, Roy Ells, Roderick Emerton, A. C. Emery, A. G. Emery, Ceylon Emery, Charles Emery, Frances Emery, George L. Emery, H. F. Emery, H. J. Emery, Hoyt Emery, Lawrence Emery, W. H. Emery, Mary I. Emmons, Eben Eveleth, Ernesto G. Fabbri, John Falkensteine, James Farley, Thomas Farley, Clara Farnsworth, J. C. Farrell, William Fennelly, A. L. Fletcher, George Fletcher, Harry Fogg, H. Warren Foss, F. D. Foster, William Foster, C. J. Francis, M. Franklin, C. E. Freeman, C. Frost, Enos Frost, Irving Frost, Fred Fuller, Charles Garland, J. K. Garland, L. A. Garland, Samuel C. George, S. W. Getchell, H. B. Gilbert, Sherman Gilbert, Basil Goodell, G. W. Goodell, Wesley Goodell, A. A. Gordon, E. D. Gordon, Ernest Gordon, Ralph Gordon, Frank Gott, Charles Graffam, Harry Grant, James Grant, Jennie Grant, Mark Grant, A. L. Graves, Adelbert Gray, Arthur Gray, Dell Gray, E. J. Gray, E. L. Gray, Fred Gray, Malvern Greenhouse, D. G. Grindle, Fausta Grindle, G. D. Grindle, R. L. Grindle, Percy Grover, Charles Guptill, George Guptill, Letitia Guptill, T. P. Guthrie, Thomas Guthrie, C. M. Hadley, E. Hadley, Eddie Hadley, Granville Hadley, John Hadley, R. J. Hadley, George R. Hagerthy, Carrie Haley, P. Haley, D. G. Hall, George Hall, Ivory Hall, Charles Hamilton, I. K. Hamilton, J. K. Hamilton, J. L. Hammett, Alden Hamor, C. A. Hamor, E. M. Hamor, Eugene Hamor, Frank Hamor, G. H. Hamor, H. D. Hamor, Irving Hamor, J. C. Hamor, J. E. Hamor, Linwood Hamor, M. L. Hamor, Mae L. Hamor, Maud Hamor, Orrington Hamor, Roy Hamor, W. B. Hamor, A. R. Hanscom, A. Harden, Almond Harden, George Hardy, Susan Warren Hardy, B. W. Harker, Mabel Harlow, Herbert Harris, Andrew Haskell, F. J. Haskell, Christine Hatch, James Hatt, Grace Haynes, Charles Haywood, Harold E. Haywood, Jessie Haywood, O. O. Haywood, D. C. Heath, T. C. Herscom, T. G. Hersom, Charles Heyward, David Heywood, Alonzo Higgins, Ann M. Higgins, Ansel Higgins, B. S. Higgins, C. B. Higgins, Calvin L. Higgins, Coll Higgins, Conie Higgins, E. P. Higgins, Earle Higgins, Eben Higgins, Edward Higgins, Elliott Higgins, Elverdo Higgins, Elvin Higgins, F. B. Higgins, F. L. Higgins, Frank N. Higgins, George Higgins, Jessie H. Higgins, Joseph Higgins, Lawrence Higgins, Lionell Higgins, Marguerite Higgins, Minnie Higgins, Mrs. S. H. Higgins, R. G. Higgins, Robert Higgins, S. H. Higgins, S. N. Higgins, T. C. Higgins, W. F. Higgins, William Higgins, E. W. Hill, N. Hillson, Charles Hinckley, Agnes Hodgkins, Asa Hodgkins, B. L. Hodgkins, C. A. Hodgkins, J. L. Hodgkins, Henry Holt, Lydia Holt, George W. Hopkins, J. H. Hopkins, S. H. Hopkins, Seth Hopkins, Phineas J. Horwitz, William Howard, Thomas Howlett, Thomas H. Hubbard, Carrie Hughes, Abel Hunt, Stillman Huntley, Daniel Hurd, Emma F. Hutchinson, Carl Ingalls, Reginald Ingalls, Sidney Jackson, A. E. Jellison, A. O. Jellison, Arthur Jellison, Elmer Jellison, Eugene Jellison, F. R. Jellison, G. M. Jellison, Henry E. Jellison, Rupert Jellison, V. P. Jellison, Veranus Jellison, Edward Jewell, C. S. Johnson, J. L. Johnson, C. L. Johnston, C. S. Johnston, Charles W. Jordan, Sullivan Jordan, Sylvanus Jordan, P. H. Joy, John I. Kane, M. T. Kavanaugh, Henry Kelley, Mrs. Frank Kelley, John S. Kennedy, George King, Stephen L. Kingsley, Charles W. Kittredge, R. H. Kittredge, Mary Knight, A. B. Knowles, Bent Knowles, Harold Knowles, Lottie Knowles, T. B. Knowles, Tommy Knowles, James Knox, Julius Kurson, C. C. Ladd, Charles H. Lake, John E. Lake, William Lalley, George Lambert, A. E. Lawrence, E. A. Leary, E. A. Leland, Eugene Leland, F. I. Leland, Harry Leland, Lewis Leland, Linnie Leland, Oscar Leland, P. R. Leland, Roland Leland, Shirley Leland, W. Leland, W. M. Leland, C. E. Lindall, C. C. Linscott, Everett Liscomb, T. S. Liscomb, W. H. Liscomb, Flora Long, Edgar I. Lord, Martin L. Lord, George J. Loring, Alice Lowell, Esther Lowell, Murray Lurvey, William Lurvey, A. H. Lynam, F. Lyonds, A. F. Manning, Helen Mansfield, David Marshall, George Marshall, Raphael Masstrangialo, Nathan Matthews, George Mayo, John Mayo, Liston Mayo, W. G. Mayo, A. H. McCalley, Hugh McCourt, Allison McDougal, A. R. McFarland, Blanch McFarland, C. L. McFarland, Edward McFarland, H. L. McFarland, H. S. McFarland, Irving McFarland, J. M. McFarland, Lester McFarland, S. P. McFarland, Sanford McFarland, Vernon McFarland, W. McFarland, Washburn McFarland, W. P. McGown, Wallace McGown, David McGuire, Annie McKay, D. W. McKay, George McLain, Jane McLaughlin, Arthur McQuinn, Atkinson Mentzer, A. A. Mitchell, G. B. Mitchell, George Mitchell, Howard R. Mitchell, John Mitchell, M. B. Mitchell, Maude E. Monroe, E. Eugene Moon, F. H. Moon, R. H. Moon, S. V. Moon, James Mooney, C. W. Moore, Martha Moore, Thomas F. Moran, C. L. Morang, A. L. Morgan, C. C. Morrison, E. J. Morrison, E. S. J. Morse, Fred Morse, A. L. Mosely, A. A. Mosley, J. W. Mosley, Fred Murch, Elizabeth Murphey, May Murphy, Mrs. P. Murphy, John H. Nevills, Flora Nickerson, Juliette Nickerson, Marietta Nickerson, James Nolan, Chester Norris, Harvey Norwood, Eugene Page, D. H. Paine, E. M. Paine, Josie Paine, M. W. Paine, Norman Paine, B. W. Parker, E. C. Parker, Helen Parker, George Parks, Ivory B. Parrett, George H. Patterson, W. E. Peach, W. Pendleton, C. E. Perkins, M. Perlinsky, Arno Pettingill, George A. Phillips, Charles Phippen, Chester Phippen, Chauncy Pierce, W. L. Pierce, C. B. Pineo, Herbert Poole, Sadie Poole, J. M. Parker Post, H. K. Potter, J. L. Potter, Nathan Povich, John Powers, L. N. Pray, G. H. Preble, George Preble, W. H. Puffer, J. W. Purte, Mrs. W. H. Rankin, Edward Ready, Charles Reeves, Reuben Remick, E. M. Renouf, David Reynolds, Frank Reynolds, G. F. Reynolds, Josephus Reynolds, A. N. Rich, Chester Rich, Lona A. Rich, O. P. Rich, S. N. Rich, Eunice Richards, George H. Richards, Hannah C. Richards, James Richards, M. F. Richards, Thomas Richards, W. B. Richards, Arthur Richardson, E. C. Richardson, Harriett Richardson, Lewis Richardson, Millard Richardson, Mrs. M. Richardson, Charles Rinaldo, Fred Robbins, Mrs. S. A. Robbins, Ralph Robbins, A. R. Robertoff, Benjamin Rodick, F. Rodick, F. M. Rodick, H. C. Rodick, J. A. Rodick, S. H. Rodick, Scott Rodick, Lawrence Rooney, Willie Ross, E. B. Ryder, Eugene Ryder, Frank Ryder, Freeman Ryder, Stephen Ryder, George D. Salisbury, Archie Salisbury, Clarence Salisbury, Dallas Salisbury, Evadne Salisbury, S. C. Salisbury, Sherman Salisbury, W. M. Salisbury, Benjamin Sanborn, Edith Sargent, Walter Sargent, David M. Sawyer, E. J. Sawyer, J. H. Sawyer, Cora Schoppe, W. A. Scott, J. W. Seavy, F. E. Sherman, A. M. Shiro, Idylene Shute, R. R. Simpson, Paul Sinford, Mary Small, B. R. Smith, Charles Smith, Edward L. Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Ernest E. Smith, Everett Smith, F. L. Smith, H. D. Smith, Lincoln Smith, Lottie Smith, Mabel Smith, P. E. Smith, W. E. Smith, W. H. Smith, Wilbur Smith, A. C. Snow, J. W. Somes, John F. Spelman, Seth Spencer, Bertha Sprague, Lillian Spratt, G. J. Stafford, George Stanley, H. A. Stanley, H. I. Stanley, H. J. Stanley, Hannah Stanley, J. N. Stanley, L. A. Stanley, R. E. Stanley, T. W. Stanley, W. W. Stanley, Charles Staples, Harry Stearns, Dan Steele, Eugene Stevens, O. K. Stevens, F. L. Stewart, Anna Stinson, Susie Stinson, Grange Store, Henry Story, C. H. Stover, James Stover, M. W. Stratton, Ora G. Strout, Hugh Stuart, Vesta Stubbs, James D. Sweeney, Beulah Sylvester, O. W. Tapley, Clarence Tate, Fred Taylor, William Thatcher, Charles Thomas, E. P. Thomas, J. H. Thomas, John S. Thomas, Orient Thompson, William Thorn, A. G. Thurston, C. D. Thurston, James Thurston, Stephen Timmons, George Todd, George Tracy, Margaret Tribou, B. A. Tripp, I. M. Tripp, J. E. Tripp, Henry Trott, Samuel Tuttle, Hattie Urquhart, C. Fred Vielli, H. D. Wakefield, R. W. Wakefield, Chester Walls, Clifford Walls, Daniel Walls, Elbridge Walls, F. E. Walls, Frank Walls, S. J. Walls, George Ward, Florence Warren, Samuel Warren, Fred Watson, C. A. Weaver, Harry Webb, Charles Wedburg, George L. Wescott, Grace Wescott, Elva Whipple, Bert White, Charles B. White, Eugene White, Fred White, C. E. Whitmore, Frank E. Whitmore, J. E. Whitmore, B. E. Whitney, Ernest Wilcomb, F. B. Wilkinson, C. M. Willey, Clifford Willey, Clifton Willey, A. T. Wilson, A. V. Wilson, J. W. Wood, R. D. Wood, Charles Woodbury, Norman Woodbury, W. L. Woodworth, Marion Woy, Hollis Wright, Lincoln Wright, Gertrude Wyman, Charles Young, Frank T. Young, H. H. Young, Irving Young, J. L. Young, Merrill Young, Robert Young, Royal Young, S. K. Young, W. Young, W. H. Young, Willard Young [show more]